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     Whether you need to expand into

    new challenging markets, create a

    new product or service line and

    require some very solid market

    research, improve your business

    performance through restructuring

    for efficiency, spin off a new

    business unit and want to plan your

    business course and set strategic



         OPTIS Group

                      Can Help...

Market Movers


We aspire to be the leading national consultancy, providing integrated management consulting services, from strategy through implementation, derived through long term relationships with major multinational and national clients, bringing value and lasting impact through quality, motivated professionals with deep expertise in our selected markets. 


Our aim is to bring a unique perspective combining strategic insights and outstanding sector knowledge. Our intention is to help clients deliver real change, integrating strategic direction, enabling technologies and the transformation of organizational capability. We recognize that our clients expect their investments in us to produce rapid and sustained value.

Our practice model incorporates a service and industry segmentation, facilitating integrated management consulting services and differentiating us in the national consulting marketplace.

At OPTIS Group, it has been our good fortune to work with hundreds of financial institutions of all shapes and sizes. We approach each engagement, regardless of size or complexity, as an opportunity to form new or strengthen existing partnerships. One of the greatest things about having so many client relationships is that we never stop learning about the myriad nuances of this exciting industry. 


One of the greatest challenges facing financial institutions today is the lack of differentiation among competitors. Opportunities for revenue growth are battling expense reduction for top consideration in an institution’s long-term goals and objectives. Long-term goals and objectives must be linked with practical strategies, tactics and initiatives that move the organization toward achieving its stated purpose.



"We have worked with OPTIS Group since 2001 with outstanding results. Their entire team represents the highest professional ethics helping to ensure our growth."





"Strong partnership. OPTIS Group successfully addressed multiple sectors within our company"





"Brillant Sourcing Management"





"We chose OPTIS Group simply because of their people.  The expertise they had, their professionalism and the depth of the experience they had within the industry?




“Partnering with OPTIS Group meant a departure from Realtor based business replaced by a referral source we had never invested any energy into, GREAT MOVE. At deployment, management and sales staff were blown away, real business on day four... Perfect fit."







"Purchasing the OPTIS Group model was the best decision we could have made for our origination staff, as they were stuck in the same old cycle of winning and losing Realtor business often over something outside of our control."




From Strategy to Execution


A strategic plan that sits on the shelf is of no use to anyone. With our tools and scorecards, OPTIS Group shows your senior management teams how to most effectively execute the Strategic Plan’s objectives.


Utilizing our knowledge of best practices and expertise gained from helping hundreds of financial institutions with their strategic planning efforts, OPTIS Group can ensure the successful development of your organization’s Strategic Plan. As a result of our focus both inside and outside the financial sector we continue to develop and implement focused strategies to improve your competitive position and bottom line, you’ll realize:


  • Maximized shareholder and member value
  • New and innovative competitive strategies
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Operating efficiencies
  • Accountability for execution
  • Continued measurement through performance scorecards


A Strategic Plan developed by senior management with the assistance of OPTIS Group means your organization will have a strategic planning framework and process that can be leveraged for optimized shareholder and customer value. Plus, we will help in the development of pragmatic tools and scorecards that will assist the senior management team in measuring the organization’s progress against the goals set forth in the Strategic Plan.


What Makes OPTIS Group Stand Out

Deep Industry Knowledge. OPTIS Group can take your organization far beyond the academic approach of that used by most facilitators. OPTIS Group not only facilitates but offers specific, actionable advice during the planning process. Our expertise in industry best practices, business unit construction, and operational efficiencies ensures that your plan will be both innovative and pragmatic.


One Size Does Not Fit All

OPTIS Group challenges standard ways of conducting business. Our planning facilitation services help management determine strategies that will make the institution “unique” as well as the strategies that should not be pursued.


OPTIS Group is a trusted advisor to global financial institutions seeking to achieve and sustain a

    competitive edge.  We provide practical insights that reflect more than a decade of hands-on experience driving change across various business channels.