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   Our overriding focus on adding valve 

   has allowed us to build long-term,

   meaningful relationships with our

   client base, and believe our reputation

   in the industry speaks for itself.    



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OPTIS Group, LLC was founded by Philip R. Foss, a financial industry strategy practice leader, and publisher of "OPTIS Solutions®". Our goal is to continue building an advisory firm that is legendary for the value we bring to financial services industry. The OPTIS team defines success by how well we can improve the growth strategies, develop new business units and improve operational efficiencies of our clients - and how well this translates into improved financial performance. OPTIS Group professionals have worked with hundreds of financial organizations over the past decade, including nationally and internationally recognized institutions. We have advised large national banks, regional banks, community banks, start-ups, branch and net-branch mortgage partners, and credit unions.

Proven Best Practices
The demands of running a business on a day-to-day basis make it practically impossible for financial services professionals to stay apprised of emerging competitive leaders, keep abreast of industry best practices, and know which technologies can provide the functionality to scale their organizations for future growth.

To provide our clients with reliable peer comparisons, OPTIS Group maintains a database of detailed information on the performance, and spending practices of both national and multinational financial institutions, and we utilize this information to generate benchmark assessment for our clients.

 publishes "The OPTIS Bank-Report": Benchmarks and Best Practices for Mid-Size Banks, Branch & Net-Branch Mortgage companies an in-depth exploration of best practices and strategy trends, and "The OPTIS CU-Report": Benchmarks and Best Practices for Credit Unions, a similar peer information analysis for credit unions. These studies represent some of the most specific, reliable peer information created for these industry segments.
Proven Communication Plan
OPTIS Group recognizes the importance of timely communication and an open exchange of ideas and information. Through scheduled conference calls, frequent status reports and in-depth deliverables and presentations, OPTIS Group keeps our clients up-to-date on the details, progress, and outcome of their engagements.

Serving as a trusted advisor and outside set of eyes, it is OPTIS Group's goal to keep your organization on top of the financial landscape - quickly and cost-effectively.
Proven Quality Assurance
The OPTIS Group team provides a unique approach to solving business problems because we spend our time face-to-face with clients, tackling new issues, and jointly pursuing new opportunities and lines of business. Our overriding focus on adding value has allowed us to build long-term, meaningful relationships with our client base, and we believe our reputation in the industry speaks for itself.
 OPTIS Group, LLC is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, extending professional services to clients across the nation.
Proven Project Management Process
Financial institutions can rapidly become overwhelmed by stakeholder requests for new projects that can quickly lead to budget overruns and increased project failures. The OPTIS Group team has developed a unique Project Management Methodology designed to help our clients establish a formal process for project identification, analysis, cost justification, approval, and implementation.

In addition, we provide training in this methodology so that Project Management can become a key professional discipline within our clients' institutions.