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OPTIS Group complements our comprehensive consulting services with industry-renowned studies and reports, online newsletters, and a variety of carefully researched articles. We strive to bring together the knowledge and experiences of all our clients to help them broaden their exposure to industry trends and increase performance. Here are a few examples:

Corporate Amaurosis: Is Customer Value Being Overlooked?

Is your organization’s strategy overlooking the most important stakeholder – your customers? With some simple but elegant changes to the strategic planning process, businesses can avoid committing this cardinal sin. By refocusing business strategy on value creation for the end-customers, organizations can avoid business myopia and blind spots that mask the slow erosion of competitive advantage they may have enjoyed in the past. This article addresses the key challenge of keeping the customer in mind when setting strategic and operational goals and offers concrete approaches to accomplishing customer-centric planning from the business and technology leader’s perspective.

OPTIS Group Chairman & CEO – Philip R. Foss, is named to National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC), judging panel.


“Building Tomorrows Leaders”

Colorado Springs, Colo., May 29, 2012 – Academic speech and debate has been a valuable endeavor since the 19th century.  It has grown so popular among educators that this year's final competition taking place June 5-9 at Focus on the Family has become the largest tournament in its 16 year history.                                               
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ViewPoint - Aligning Product Development with Your Customer Base

Financial Institutions have always aspired to develop lifestyle brands that speak to their customers and reflect who they are, creating a bond between the institution?s brand and the consumer?s needs, ideally intertwined where one cannot determine which defines the other. Though humble and admirable in its intentions, this goal is not being achieved. If it were, why would financial institutions so often miss the mark by offering the wrong product delivery channels, thus requiring them to invest in non-profitable "sky?s the limit" marketing or customer awareness campaigns ? watching margins and products per- household loyalty erode?                    


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How to Convince Company Leaders to Utilize your Solution
Although closing a complex enterprise account may take many months to complete, every deal has a critical moment when it is won or lost. While you will frequently meet with lower-level and mid-level employees at companies whose business you're trying to secure, the rare face-to-face conversations you have with C-level decision makers will directly determine whether you win or lose the deal. In this white paper we examine how to conduct successful C-level sales calls and the psychological strategies and linguistic tactics that help you convince company leaders to buy.


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Divorce is a lucrative business for lawyers – and mortgage originators, too
A Colorado Springs-based management consulting firm has a unique business model that targets what it says is an overlooked but lucrative channel for originating residential mortgage loans that doesn’t have the peaks and valleys of relying on real estate brokers and homebuilders


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Shall We Fish, Hunt or Farm?

By: Philip R. Foss, Chairman & CEO - OPTIS Group, LLC.
A sales metaphor is helpful in understanding your strengths as a business developer and as an intellectual framework for developing your strategic business approach. Most firm managers and Practice Leaders continue to use the classic Hunter-Farmer model when thinking about what types of business developers the firm needs in order to grow. Should we just have farmers, or do we need to bring in more hunters? The hunter-farmer model, residue from traditional industrial sales theory, may be useful for some larger, established firms, or for product firms that have professional service arms, but it is useless for a great many consultants and Practice Leaders. Frankly, the model does not adequately describe the business development approach of most successful practicing consultants. Well what does? This article adds a third element to the Hunter-Farmer Model – the Fisherman and explains why the Fisherman’s best attributes are descriptive of successful Practice Leaders.


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The Hits Keep on Coming…..
hilip R. Foss, Chairman & CEO – OPTIS Group, LLC | Date: Tuesday, August 23, 2011
“The housing numbers for July are not unexpected...but that doesn't take the sting out of today's report. The Commerce Department says new home sales fell by nearly 1 percent last month. This is the fourth straight monthly decline and it puts the housing industry on track for the worst year on records that go back about fifty years.


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