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    Good leadership is the art of making

    problems so interesting and their

    solutions so constructive that

    everyone wants to dive in and work

    together toward the same ends.


        Blending Strategy

                        with Talent...



At OPTIS Group, we believe great leadership is a combination of passion, integrity, skill, commitment and community responsibility. We relentlessly work to improve and create value for our clients. We believe when you have the lead, you step on the gas. And when you want to lead, you do by example.


This philosophy creates an exciting and fun atmosphere for our professionals to work and grow. As importantly, these principles say a lot about what it is like to be a client of OPTIS Group. As we work hard, we have fun and realize that any challenge can be solved with the right attitude, experience and focus.



Philip R. Foss  -  Chairman & CEO

As the founder, Chairman and CEO of OPTIS Group, LLC. Philip R. Foss is responsible for running all facets of the business. Phil has a proven executive management track record with over 24 years of mortgage banking origination & management experience. Mr. Foss focuses on enterprise-level business model construction and deployment throughout the country’s mid-size mortgage companies, leading the marketing and customer strategy practice, and directing sales within customer service go-to-market issues helping our client partners realize higher return-on-market and CRM investments.


Prior to founding OPTIS Group, LLC. Phil had been on both sides of mortgage banking origination and management with Banc One Mortgage & Washington Mutual Mortgage allowing for a comprehensive view and balanced approach to business development. Mr. Foss has been published in various industry specific periodicals as well as in the Denver Business Journal, Seattle Post Intelligencer, and the Kansas City Star, focusing on topics ranging from “Change Management”, “Strategic Growth Management”, “Sales Platform Training” and a four part “2008 Leadership Series”.


Phil holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Denver and obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Strategic Management Planning from the University of Washington, Seattle Washington.


OPTIS Group, LLC is headquartered in picturesque Colorado Springs Colorado at the foot of Pikes Peak, where Phil enjoys his two children, plays golf at high altitude, and participates as a volunteer member of the National Ski Patrol, Winter Park CO.



It is my pleasure to introduce the OPTIS Group Team.

The OPTIS Group Advantage


OPTIS Group begins and ends with our people.  When you engage OPTIS Group, you engage seasoned financial services professionals with hands-on experience, specialized expertise and wide industry knowledge that lead to incremental wins and long-term solutions.  We know our people are among the best — valued for their truly consultative, “roll up our sleeves” approach — because our clients continuously turn to OPTIS Group for a partner in their ongoing success.


It has been my pleasure to lead this highly qualified team on management consultants over the past fourteen years as they continue to represent client focused ethics second to none in the industry.

                                                        Philip R. Foss

                                   Chairman & CEO

                                OPTIS Group, LLC

Management Team                                                                                                     Fulfilment Team:

Deeve Chandler - President of Strategic Alliances                                                       David Crane - Deployment Specialist

Jason Woodson - National Sales Director                                                                     Patty Graham - Deployment Specialist

Kim Langford - Director of Client Services                                                                 Lori Stevenson - Deployment Specialist

Lisa Bartlow - Director of Data Management                                                              Conner Murphy - Deployment Specialist

Andrea Mays - Assistant, Data Management                                                         

Broker of Record                                                                                                        Board Advisory

Harold Sanderson                                                                                                         Joseph Burks



Associate Consultants:


West Region:                                                                                                                South Region:

Jamie Beyers - Seattle Washington                                                                               Laura Maas - Dallas Texas

Mark Puckett - Seattle Washington                                                                               David Ranostaj - Houston Texas

Anthony Marcort - Las Vegas Nevada                                                                          Paul Obermeyer - Dallas Texas

                                                                                                                                       Donna Kemper - Dallas Texas


Mountain Region:                                                                                                        Northeast Region:

Tom Woodward - Denver Colorado                                                                              Bradley Alexander - Boston Massachusetts

Michael Wells - Denver Colorado                                                                                 Michelle Watts - Boston Massachusetts

Katie Lopez- Denver Colroado


Midwest Region:                                                                                                          Southeast Region:

Steve Templeton - Columbus Ohio                                                                               Open                                                                              

Summer Humphreys - Chicago Illinois