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    We have earned a reputation in the

    marketplace of providing a unique

    consulting approach that combines

    a deep understanding of the banking

    and credit union industries with an

    awareness of best practices and

    targeted outcomes.











At OPTIS Group, LLC we have unique capabilities in transforming businesses & solving their toughest challenges. OPTIS Group delivers innovative management consulting solutions to a number of industries including: private & public sector, financial institutions, manufacturing & service providers! Our expert consulting teams have worked with the worlds best management consulting firms, industry & financial institutions delivering focused value propositions to clients globally & regionally. Our expertise revolves around 5 domains: strategic change, new business development, process & performance, people & innovation, & investment management analytics.

Corporate Turnaround & Growth Planning Services   Strategic Growth Management

•Strategic Course Planning & Implementation              •Customer Relationship Management

•Market Planning, Research & Economic Analysis       •HRM & 21st Century Organization     

Private Placement Planning                                         Change Management                                                    

Business Process Management                                   Managerial Leadership Design                                      

Industry Specific Consulting                                       Product Launch Planning & Value Enhancement           

Outsourced Management Services                             •Strategic Business Unit Construction

Breakthrough Strategies

Executable strategy requires fusing insightful thinking with disciplined execution to achieve breakthrough performance.


Today, senior executives grapple with attaining profitable growth, strategically managing costs and intelligently navigating risk. Such challenges require more than identifying new possibilities and making tough choices. They also require bridging the gap between vision and execution.


Our Strategy & Operations teams bring deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to our clients’ most complex business problems. Our strategy capabilities span corporate and business unit strategy, growth management planning, and sales and marketing. Our operational capabilities reflect the unique issues facing manufacturing organizations, service businesses and infrastructure operations. These are joined with capabilities in finance, performance management and business restructuring.


It’s hard to recall a time when business strategies evolved and emerged more quickly than they do today. That’s because they have to. Whether it’s pursuing new growth, delivering the latest innovations, managing risk more effectively, or improving margins, companies have to be ready to turn on a dime if they want to stay ahead. What’s more, they have to design new strategies that their businesses can actually deliver.

That’s where we excel. Our strategy practice is used to taking on the toughest business challenges, with a combination of strategy-level insights and street smarts earned at the front lines of business, within cross sectors around the world. Put simply, we know how to help our clients create executable strategies. It’s an approach that helps organizations move more quickly and practically to take advantage of new opportunities while minimizing risks along the way. And it can work for your business.